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The services we provide are for businesses who know how to use social media or are open to learning.  We will work together to determine which social media networks you currently have active, determine future goals, assess tools and strategies to help you reach your goals, create a  custom Social Media Marketing Plan, provide training as needed, coach you through implementation of the plan or leave you to implement on your own with scheduled follow-ups.  We also assist you in determining which analytics tools are right for you to calculate return on investment and determine which strategies are most beneficial.  




Once we have determined your goals and the path to get there the next step is to take a leap of faith and set your plan in motion!  Don't worry as we will be here as your safety net to help you manage any issues and determine what tweaks need to be made to your plan.    








The idea behind social media marketing is to develop your brand and build a rapport with your customers so that they see you as an expert in the Real Estate Industry and trust you to help them with some of the most important decisions they will make in their life...finding and purchasing their dream home or selling their existing home.  Once you have gained your customers trust then you need a great understanding of current technology that is available for Realtors to know how to utilize social media to market your properties so they gain the most exposure from prequalified buyers.  There are many avenues you can take to reach these goals, but which ones are the best?  It is different for all Realtors. It is no only based on social media audiences, but also on your brand, your niche, the customers you are trying to reach, as well as the types and value of properties you are marketing.  Let us help you find your most successful path!







One important step in social media that many people do not follow through with is analytics.  This is key to determine where you are receiving the best return on your investment.  You need to understand which networks and campaigns are receiving the greatest amount of activity, where you are generating leads and what your followers are interested in.  These analytics will help you to know how to proceed in your social media marketing.  Remember this is an ongoing process.  As your clients, the industry and technology change you must assess the environment and change with it.  We will help you sort through the tools available to track your social media marketing efforts to determine which ones meet your needs.  



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