REAL Estate Quickie:  How to Sell an Ugly House!

October 13, 2015

By Kelly Wurth

RealEstateQuickie_UglyHouseSell copy.jpg

I had a Realtor ask me today…How do I market an ugly house?

My initial thought was “don’t get hired on as their Realtor.”  Just kidding, kind-of!

The advice I gave her was as follows….

  1. Beg the seller to do some updates.  At least simple ones like painting rooms that are currently hot pink a neutral tone.  If begging doesn’t work then show them some research on the return on investment they could receive if they did some updates.  Check out all the great info and links in my Step 2: Refresh & Repair blog post.  Specifically the “Prioritize Your List” and “Best Projects for Great Return on Investment” sections. 
  2. To help potential buyers see past all the unappealing cosmetic issues consider having the home virtually staged.  Obviously you would need to disclose that the virtually staged home is not the current condition of the home, but a representation of what the home could look like with cosmetic changes.  
  3. Have a professional real estate photographer take images of the best areas of the home.  For example, this particular house was located on an acreage with a beautiful exterior so I told her that we would focus a lot of the photos there. 
  4. Do a walk-through of the home with a contractor and get an estimate on repairs that a buyer is most likely going to want to do.  This allows you to have the information ready as a negotiating tool when you show the home to potential buyers.  It may also help you limit the buyer's anxiety about purchasing the property as you have already done some research for them on what the cost will be to get the home up-to-date.  
  5. Market the property for what it truly is…A Remodel Project!  Sell to someone who buys ugly houses to fix and flip. 

If none of this works then hopefully after the home has been on the market for months your seller will come to their senses and make some updates.

Here's to helping you have a great week from Iconic REAL Photography!


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