REAL Estate Quickie: 10 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

October 27, 2015

By Kelly Wurth


A Twitter list is a group of Twitter users of your selection.  You can create your own or subscribe to other’s Twitter lists.  Lists can be made public or private and the best part is that you do not have to follow someone to add them to your list. 

So now your probably wondering how can lists be beneficial to me specifically as a Realtor.

1.     Use lists to be more efficient in curating content for your blog or to share on your social media pages to drive traffic back to your website.

2.     Enhance customer retention and improve referrals by creating a concierge list of reliable vendors.

3.     Be a Resource to current and future clients by creating a Community List where they can look to see what’s happening in their city this week or what new restaurants are opening in their area. 

4.     Track fellow Realtors’ social media activity including new property listings. 

5.     Create lists of influencers and companies based on specific interests or trends that you want to keep up-to-date on, such as the latest Real Estate Technology. 

6.     Monitor potential customers or competitors that you want to learn more about. 

7.     Use lists to bucket individuals who are new leads verses new clients verses long standing clients realizing that these groups need different marketing tactics to maintain your business relationship and move them along the sales lifecycle. 

8.     Increase your followers by creating a list of people that you want to engage with daily via retweets, favoring and mentions so that they will become aware of you and follow you.

9.     Nurture relationships by tracking who retweets, favorites, and mentions you so that you can thank them on a weekly or monthly basis and share their content. 

10. Use lists to separate your personal verses Realtor interests so you don’t get distracted when you’re trying to focus on work. 

To learn how to create your first Twitter list or subscribe to other’s lists go to Twitter Support and they will provide all the instructions you need. 

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