REAL Estate Quickie:  

Take Control of Your Schedule!

September 28, 2015

By Kelly Wurth


Do the following things everyday to stay sane and provide better customer service to your clients when you choose to be “connected.” 

In order to provide great customer service to our clients we must learn to set boundaries, departmentalize tasks, prioritize issues, and take care of ourselves.  If we are at our client’s beckon call 24:7 we will never have time to accomplish the tasks that need to be done to meet their needs.  Specifically marketing and selling their home and/or helping them negotiate their way into a new home. 

Even though we can be connected 24:7 we should NOT be.  That said, I truly believe in providing GREAT customer service as I think it’s lacking in today’s society.  I believe that providing a response to someone’s request within the same day is EXCEPTIONAL customer service and providing a response within 24 hours is GREAT customer service.  You must prioritize tasks and requests to determine what needs to be done today and what can wait until tomorrow. 

So you ask, how do I accomplish what I need for my clients while still making myself available to answer all their questions and stay sane?

1.     Take control of each day by creating a daily schedule for yourself and stick to it!

  • Set realistic business hours and make them known on business cards, your website and social media.  Not every part of your day can be controlled, such as the date/time of client requested home showings, but things like responding to emails, returning calls, paperwork, etc. can be. Take control of the things you can control.  
  • Set aside time for eating proper meals as well as personal time to take care of yourself.  Maybe that’s working out, meditating, reading a book or getting a haircut, etc.  The important thing is that it’s “your time” to do what YOU want to do.  Everyone deserves a break during the day!
  • Learn to only check emails, texts and social media 2-3 times a day on a set schedule.  Great times for this are first thing in the morning when you arrive at work, 10am and 2pm.  This allows for you to answer any questions or complete any urgent tasks before lunch and then again before 5pm.  Make sure to set a time limit for how long you spend on these tasks. 
  • Set aside time for callbacks to clients, other agents, vendors, mortgage and title companies.
  • Allow time for marketing your properties and your own brand as well as lead generation.  
  • Schedule time to complete, submit and file real estate documents.  
  • Ensure you've scheduled time to actively researching listings in your area to not only locate properties for clients, but also to develop comparative market analysis reports. 
  • At least once a week set aside time to learn something new to keep on-top of the latest trends, news and technology in your industry. If you are following the right companies, people and influencers on social media you can easily accomplish this task daily during your social media review time.  

2.     Turn-off Social Media Notifications.

Do you really need to get a text and/or email every time someone likes you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter?  Even if you are using social media as a source to respond to customer’s issues and questions you can check your accounts/profiles via computer or mobile app a few times a day to keep up-to-date on client needs.  By turning off notifications you will also have the added benefit of keeping your email inbox clear. 

3.     Completely disconnect.

Being disconnected can be a good thing!  You should definitely disconnect during “your time” and in the evenings everyday.  Also, use the “do not disturb” options on your phone during times where you are working hard to complete a task and absolutely don’t want to be interrupted.  For time when there is an emergency you can set-up your phone to allow for specific people’s calls and texts to come through despite the “do not disturb” setting.

Maybe you’ve heard some of these tips before, but I hope you can finally make the above steps a reality for you.  It will be hard at first, but you will soon reap the benefits.  Existing clients will slowly accept your new schedule when they see that you are still providing GREAT customer service and you have a happy demur every time they work with you.  New clients will understand your boundaries and not have unrealistic expectations of you like expecting you to answer your phone at 10pm because you forgot a period at the end of their home description.  Like that’s going to make or break the sale of their home. 

Here's to helping you have a great week from Iconic REAL Photography!


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