REAL Estate Quickie: HubSpot CRM + Sidekick

October 20, 2015

By Kelly Wurth

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HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) is a tool that stores and manages your contact information and interaction as well as sales/deals while Sidekick handles email and document tracking.  When integrated together they create a powerful free tool for efficiently managing the sales & marketing side of your business.  It is a great tool for small businesses including Realtors.  Do not get confused, HubSpot CRM integrated with Sidekick is not offering you a free 30 day trial, they are offering you a free product and service for unlimited users, unlimited usage and unlimited data.

Read on to learn how HubSpot & Sidekick can automate manual tasks and provide you the information you need to focus on what you do best:  Selling!

1.  Managing Contacts

Add contacts to your CRM manually or import them via a .csv file.  Receive an email from a new contact, simply forward the email to your HubSpot account and the contact is automatically created.  By turning on the Company Auto-Create setting HubSpot will automatically create companies for contacts added to the CRM based on the contact’s email address domain.  You can also easily add contacts and companies by enabling the Contact Profiles on Gmail and Contact Profiles on Web from within Sidekick settings.  This is a great way to quickly get information on new contacts, vendors and fellow Realtors. 

2.  E-mail Tracking & Templates

Have you ever sent out an email and then a couple days later, after receiving no response, wondered if the person even got it or opened it?  No more wasting time wondering if your email ended up in spam or got deleted.  Sidekick will let you know the second an email is opened and each time it’s re-opened.  The bonus with Sidekick is that it can also track when an in email link or attached document was opened.  Sidekick is compatible with Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. 

With the free account you also get to create 5 free email templates.  Can you think of 5 types of emails you send out over and over again, but to different contacts?  Now you can create a template and at the click of a button be sending that same email within 30 seconds. 

3.  Customization & Exports

For a free tool HubSpot CRM is unbelievably customizable.  Whether your managing contacts, companies, deals or tasks you can easily use HubSpot’s standard fields/properties or create your own text, drop-down, radio or checkbox fields.  You can also create and save filtered views of this information and then export it as a .csv file or .xlsx file where you can analyze or import it elsewhere. 

4.  Communication Tracking

In the Real Estate business referrals are key, therefore it is important to keep in touch with clients even when they are not actively buying or selling a property.  HubSpot CRM makes it easy for you to keep track of when you were last in touch with your client, how you contacted them and what was communicated via each contact’s timeline.  Add a note, send emails, record calls (additional cost), log activity, create a task, schedule an appointment (integrates with Gmail calendar), view a timeline of recent engagements and view associated deal and company information.   

5.  Task Management

I realize that a lot of Realtors work on their own with no one to delegate too, but if you are lucky enough to be on a team or have an assistant then the task manager will be a great time saver.  You can assign tasks to anyone on your team once they are set up as a user.  Due dates can be assigned and email notifications sent as task deadlines approach.  Even if you are a lone ranger having the ability to store and manage your own tasks in a system like HubSpot CRM can be a lifesaver. 

The Bottom Line

For those of you who say “nothing in life is free” I would typically agree with you, but for all us small business owners out here working hard to provide our clients with great products and services, this free tool will go along way to automate administrative tasks and stay organized allowing you to focus more on growing your business and exceeding customer expectations. 

As a final note, both HubSpot and Sidekick have great customer service and great support pages with written tutorials and videos to help you.   Just check out their 10 Step Guide to Getting Started

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