Real Estate Quickie:  Grow Your Brand with Facebook!

February 9, 2016

By Kelly Wurth

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If you’ve mainly been utilizing your Facebook Profile in the past to keep in contact with your BFFs both near and far, but now are deciding to utilize it to engage with clients there are a few changes you should consider.

1.  Cover Photo

This does not need to be as “professional” as your Facebook Business Page Cover Photo, but you want to utilize the “real estate” available on your Profile Page to let others know that you are a Realtor and it’s a large part of your life that you truly enjoy.  Try to think of a creative way to visually advertise this to your current friends and future clients.  Try as a design tool as you can create an account for free, they have templates for Facebook Cover Photos that are already sized correctly and you can upload your own photos.  

2.  Account Settings

Deciding to utilize your Facebook Profile as a marketing tool for your business most likely means you will be opening yourself up to a larger audience then just your current friends.  With that in mind you may want to revisit your Profile’s account settings.  Specifically those that relate to “Privacy” as well as “Timeline and Tagging”.  Think about who you are going to allow to post on your Timeline and will you choose to review posts before they show up for everyone to see.  Who do you want to be able to see your posts? How will you allow people to contact you and find you on search engines beyond Facebook? To really interact with others you will want to consider modifying these to make it easy for others to access you and your business. 

3.  Customer Service

As you open your profile up to potential clients you need to be aware of the tools that Facebook has that allows others to communicate with you.  You would not want to miss out on a question or inquiry sent to you via Facebook’s messaging.  Check-out your current account settings under “Notifications” and “Mobile” to see if there are some changes you need to make.  

Take into consideration those customers who may not want to be Facebook friends, but would like to follow your business.  This is why you should enable your account to allow “Followers”.  When someone follows you they will receive your public posts on their Timeline, without taking the step of connecting as Facebook friends.  

4.  About

Ensure the information in your “About” section is up-to-date and that specific career related information is visible to the public; such as your work, education and location information.  This way others will know you are a Realtor, know where you are located and have some insight into your professional skills and education.  That said you may also want to make sure that some of the other more personal information is not visible to the public.  To do this simply move your mouse over the different sections and select “Options” -> “Edit”.  Consider making similar privacy setting changes to Photos, Videos and other Interests as well.  It is up to you how much you want to share with others before you are Facebook friends and even after.  

5. Be Social

In order to grow brand awareness and really give to your current and future clients you have to be on social media and truly be engaging.  

  • Share information from others and post information of your own.  On your Facebook profile adhere to the 80/20 rule.  80% of posted and shared content should be personal and 20% can be business.  The best plan is to try and make even your business related posts fun and engaging verses selling, selling, selling.   Feel free to post about your open houses, listings, educational content once ever 3 days.  If you want to post more business related content then follow these steps and create a Facebook Business Page.  
  • Are you having a business related event?  Follow these steps and utilize Facebook to invite others.  
  • Participate in groups.  Here is a list of Real Estate Industry groups on various social media platforms you should get engaged in.
  • Follow these steps to create Facebook lists.  Both to manage your personal verses business interests and to easily engage with clients verses friends.

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