REAL Estate Quickie:  5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

November 3, 2015

By Kelly Wurth


Whether you are trying to increase exposure to your properties or improve your brand awareness, driving traffic to your website is key.  The list below provides you with 5 ideas on how to go about this.  

1.     Start a blog and share organic and curated content across your social media channels.

a.     Check-out Brian Icenhower’s Real Estate Blog Ideas at

2.     Set-up and engage others on at least one social media channel.  Making your social media profile look professional and actually engaging others is key for social media marketing to be a successful tool.  Post more than just your property listings.  You must be ready to give in order to get. 

a.     Include hyperlinks to you social media accounts on your website.  The best place for these is near the header or footer of each page and next to your contact information. 

b.     You should also include social media plug-ins for the social media channel(s) you are active on so that others can Like or Follow your pages without leaving your website. 

Facebook Social Plug-ins

Twitter Widgets

Google+ Platform For Web

c.      Enable others to share your website content on their social media accounts with tools from

3.     Create a Concierge Page on your website with a list of preferred vendors.  Whether your client is preparing their home to sell or just bought a new home that needs some repairs or remodeling, they will be very appreciative if you can provide them with a list of contractors they can trust.  According to NAR's 2013 Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences found that 53% of home buyers undertook a home improvement project within 3 months of purchasing a home. 

4.     Be a resource to your clients and create a Community Page on your website.  Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is relocating here.  What would they want or need to know to make a knowledgeable decision about where to buy a home in the area.   Also, consider your existing clients what information would they be interested in about their community.  In order to stay at the top of their mind when they are not looking to buy or sell you need to maintain a connection. 

a.     Talk about what’s happening in your city – events, activities, restaurant openings and reviews

b.     Provide neighborhood real estate market reports and local information, a list of top schools, neighborhood Walk Score, etc.

c.      Write and provide photos of specific neighborhoods and discuss the benefits and amenities available to homeowners in the area.  If you are located in the Kansas City area contact us to schedule a neighborhood or subdivision photography shoot then utilize the photos to enhance your property listing's marketing. According to NAR's 2013 Community Preference Survey, 78% of homebuyers responded that neighborhood quality is more important than the size of the home.  Also, most subdivisions have yearly or monthly HOA dues, therefore it may be beneficial to show them what amenities they will be getting for their money.   

5.     Create an account on with links back to your website so clients have a place to post reviews about your brand and service.  Place positive reviews on your website. 


Need some assistance in driving traffic or simply don’t have time to implement the ideas above? 

Contact Iconic Real for a free 30-minute social media consultation to learn how we can assist you.  We provide services such as helping you develop a social media plan, social media training, social media account set-up, curating and posting content to your social media sites, writing organic content for your blog, etc.


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