Real Estate Quickie:  Content Marketing in 20 Minutes!

March 3, 2016

By Kelly Wurth


Below is the set-up and tools that I use to ensure that I am sharing and posting valuable and relevant content to my followers on a daily basis and it only takes me 20 minutes per week.   This 20 minutes per week does not include the creation of my own organic content, but rather the sharing of other’s quality content that followers will find interesting and valuable enough to share with their circle of clients, friends, families, co-workers, etc.  Whether you want to do this from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone below is my secret to efficient content marketing.  

1.  Hootsuite

Go to and set-up a free Hootsuite account.  Add up to 3 social media profiles for free.  Here’s a Quick-start guide to get you going. 

2.  Feedly

Go to and set-up a free Feedly account then add content from influencers across the internet and social media.  Here’s a guided tour to get you started. 

3.  Managingand sharing content from desktop or laptop.

Install the Chrome browser (  Then, click the link below to install the Hootsuite extension (Hootlet) within the Chrome browser… this if you plan to just manage content from mobile devices. 


Managing and sharing content on mobile devices.

Install the Hootsuite and Feedly mobile apps on mobile devices. 

4.  Share content from desktop or laptop. 

  • Locate content online via Chrome browser, on Feedly, or from an Influencer your tracking via a Stream in Hootsuite.  
  • Click the Hootlet Extension found at top right corner of the Chrome browser window. 
  • Choose social media profile(s), schedule delivery, and hit “Post”. 


Share content from mobile device.

  • Locate content online via mobile browser of your choice, on Feedly app, or from a Stream on your Hootsuite app. 
  • Click the iOS sharing icon at the bottom of mobile device (square with arrow pointing up) and choose the Hootsuite App icon.  If your in the Feedly app simply select the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen then choose “iOS sharing” to locate the Hootsuite app icon.  
  • Choose social media profile(s), schedule delivery, and hit “Post”.

Obviously steps 1, 2, and 3 you will only have to do once to get set-up then after that it’s a breeze.  Sharing content online won’t make you extremely successful or an influencer overnight, but it is a good first step in growing brand awareness.  To be ultimately successful and influential in the world of social media you need to truly engage with others online via Facebook groups, Twitter chats, or simply engaging in actual conversations with those following and friending you on social media.  This is how you successfully build and maintain long-term relationships with clients which is key to a referral business like Real Estate.  

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