Real Estate Quickie:  The Keys to Social Media Success!

January 6, 2016

By Kelly Wurth


Wondering how to be successful in Social Media this year?

1.     Be REAL Social – Your goal in 2016 should NOT be getting more “Likes” on Facebook or “Followers” on Twitter than fellow agents.  Your goal should be utilizing social media to build relationships.  The Likes and Follows will come as a result of these relationships.  If people Like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter with no real interest in you as a real estate agent or the content you post then I have no doubt you will soon be forgotten.   Too many people get lost in the numbers game when they think about social media.   It’s not a competition; it’s a way to connect.  Don’t be afraid to start conversations, answer questions or even mention clients by name.  Make people feel at home on your social media pages. 

2.     Be Memorable – Post content that will standout in the crowd.   Images and video are the most engaging types of content.   Feel free to post your listings, but don’t make that the only images you are posting.   Don’t forget that you must give to get.  

3.     Be Valuable – Your friends and followers on social media are from all stages of the customer lifecycle.   Some may have just utilized your expertise to sell a house; some are looking for information on the buying process while others are just enjoying the home they are in.   Ensure that you are posting and sharing content that all will find engaging and useful. 

4.     Be Consistent – Post and share regularly.  The best way for busy people to do this is to utilize an automation tool.  I personally love Hootsuite.  It helps me share valuable content even when I’m busy and it’s also a great tool to find content I know my friends and followers will find valuable.  Please feel free to contact me with questions about this tool, as I would be happy to help you get started. 

5.     Be Local – Since you are focused on selling properties locally it’s a good idea to share content that is local.  Things such as specific neighborhood reports, activities happening in your area, new restaurant openings and reviews/referrals for local handymen will be highly appreciated by your clients. 

Taking advantage of these 5 keys will not only make you successful in social media, but it will keep you at the top of your client’s minds.   When they are ready to buy or sell or refer, you will be the expert they come too!

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