How to Flipping Communicate with Millennials Throughout the Homebuying Process!


By Kelly Wurth


Statistics about millennials’ home search process show that...

“More than 50 percent of millennials search for homes on their phones and, among those, 26 percent end up buying a home they found that way, according to the NAR.”

So what’s the obvious lesson here…the INTERNET is a HUGE tool for buyers and in this busy world, being MOBILE is key.  Most of you probably already knew this, but it’s always nice to have facts to confirm. 

So why should you as an Realtor care so much about millennials?  According to the NAR, Generation Y is currently dominating the housing market and will continue to be the homebuyers of the future.  “The National Association of Realtors 2015 report on generational trends found that millennials, who are currently between ages 25 and 34, make up the largest share of homebuyers at 32 percent. Even more striking, millennials now constitute 68 percent of first-time homebuyers. That percentage might soon grow even more: A survey of 1,002 adults by TD Bank released in July found that just under half of millennials will be looking to buy their first home over the next two years.”

So how do you go about dealing with these tech-savvy buyers who barely consider talking on the phone a form of communication?  Make it easy for them to communicate with you in their language.  Have you ever heard of Flipboard?  Let me introduce you. 

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Follow the steps below and in just ten minutes or less your Gen Y clients will find out just how Flipping awesome you are!  As they scour the internet for their dream home you can be along for the ride having the opportunity to be their subject matter expert in the world of real estate and hopefully solidifying your relationship as their lifelong Realtor.  Which is key in the world of real estate considering, “Eighty-eight percent of buyers would use their Realtor again or recommend to others and 63 percent of buyers who purchased their home in the last year have recommended their Realtor to other buyers.”

Step 1:  Download the free Flipboard app on your mobile device or go to on your computer and sign-up for a free account.  Either way you and your buyer will need to sign-up for a Flipboard account and add the Flipboard app to your mobile device so you can Flip via mobile and receive push notifications which will keep you constantly updated on your buyers search.  This is key to keep up with millennials requirement for great customer service as they expect their Realtors to not only act as their guide and negotiator, but they want valid information and they want it now.   

Step 2:  Once your signed up and signed in, Flipboard will ask you to follow 7 or more topics to personalize your Flipboard.  You can’t skip this step so go ahead and make your choices.  This just gives Flipboard an idea of your interests. 

Step 3:  Go to the top right-hand corner of your browser window and click the little circle.  In the example shown, to the right,  it’s a green circle with the letter “K” in the middle.  

This will open the window shown below. 


Step 4:  Click the “New Magazine” Button and complete the dialog box similar to the way I have shown.  Be sure to include the client’s name in the title.  Including a message in the description is a great way to add a personal touch.  Also, be sure to click the green switch to make the Magazine “Private” (red) so only you and your buyer can see your home selections and communications.  Then click “Create”



Step 5:  Once you click “Create” you will be taken to the window shown on the right, where you can click on the new Flipboard Magazine you just created to open it.


Step 6:  Now that the Magazine is open you can click on the “Invite Contributors” button at the bottom, center of your browser window.


Step 7:  When you click the “Invite Contributors” button a new email will open up via your computer email service.  This email will include a link so that your buyers can access and contribute to this Magazine via their Flipboard account.  Fill in the buyer’s email address and click send. 

Now it's time for your buyers to chime in and accept your invite.  Have them follow the next two steps.  

Step 8:  Open the email invitation sent from your Realtor.  Click the link in the email, which will open the following page in your browser window.


Step 9: Click “Follow”.  Now you can Flip properties into the Flipboard Magazine that is shared between you and your Realtor. 


Step 10: Add Content to the shared Flipboard Magazine.

There are 2 easy ways to add content.  Via your computer and/or mobile device.

1.      Add content via your computer by adding the Flipboard extension to your browser.

For the Chrome browser, just search for the Flipboard app at the Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome”. 

For the Safari browser just go to Flipboard Tools and drag the "Flip It" button into your Bookmarks Menu. 

Now, whenever you find a property on the Internet you want to show your Realtor or your buyer simply click the Flipboard extension on your Chrome menu bar or click the Flip It button on your Bookmarks Menu and a dialog box will open allowing you to Flip It into your shared Flipboard Magazine. 

2.      To add content via your mobile device utilize the Share icon/button at the bottom of your screen.  Once you click the Share icon you may need to click “More…” to add Flipboard to your Sharing options. 


You can also add content with the Flipboard app, from within your shared Flipboard Magazine.  Just click the little blue edit pen button at the top right-hand corner of your screen once you selected your shared Magazine. 


Then, click the message that says, “Add a story”.  Type in a web address to start your search.  This allows you to search the Internet for properties from within the Flipboard app.  Once you find a property you like, just click the “Post” button located on the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen and it will be added to your shared Flipboard Magazine. 


You can even type a message for your Realtor or buyer before you click “Post”.  


Hope you find this to be a Flipping Awesome way to communicate with all your buyers!

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